Friday, December 14, 2012

Tragedy in Connecticut

Is the world just going crazy?  Are we doomed to keep repeating these tragedies?  Is the Age of Innocence never to be again for our children?  Must we live in continuous shadows of terror?  We don't need to fear outside terrors....we are doing a pretty good job of creating fear within our own borders!

I am such a firm believer in gun father was a hunter...he enjoyed the male camaraderie; the thrill of the hunt; the bird dogs we had through the years were family pets as well.   I know there are those who think any animal kill is inhumane, but I cannot fault this desire to hunt as I have seen it up close to be a sport that CAN be enjoyed and yet be respectful and compassionate of the life of the animal.

But this crazy notion to think that EVERYONE has a right to have and carry a gun...concealed just insane.  I found this poster on FB...look closely at the small print and please act!!

If you cannot read the small print, it is an address and phone number to the Handgun Control, Inc. office.  I have added the link to the website of the Brady Center for Gun Control for more information.

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