Friday, December 21, 2012

Not the End!

Mayan Calendar

I love it when society gets all excited about rumors such as Y2K (remember the end of the 1900's/beginning of  2000"s) and end of the world predictions!!  It is all so entertaining!! As you all are has been predicted that today the world will end.  There has been so much discussion on the Internet and tv that I felt obligated to add my two cents!

One fact that has come out of some of the chatter is, although the Mayan Culture is no longer a strong civilization, Mayans do still exist...just as many North American Indian tribes still exist.  So some of the remarks have been rather thoughtless about their no longer existing.  The explanation I like about the whole "end of the world" thing is that it is not the END of anything...but the BEGINNING!!  That according to the calendar, which I happen to think is a beautiful work of art, tomorrow is the start of a whole new era! And I love I am ready for a whole new beginning...May everyone enjoy and take advantage of a new period of time!!!  And may it be a happier, healthier time for all!!

One last item....I love this cartoon someone had posted on Facebook....
Maybe this is really the explanation!!!!

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