Friday, November 30, 2012

Dare #33

Today is "post the Dare challenge day"!  These challenges are my television-watching activities...I just cannot  just sit and watch television...I have to be doing something!
And, of course, sometimes I kinda doze with pen in hand!  Sometimes you may see an occasional "whoops" mark on my zentangles...those are the dozing times!  Some of my really heavily inked works are due to the dozing and the need to cover up!  But other times, I just change my original plan to accommodate the "whoops"....can be a real creative challenge to test my skills!!!  And then there is the dangerous, permanent pen marks on my clothing!  I am a very casual dresser, so jeans and t-shirts don't seem to mind a little additional design factor on them!

I actually am not sure why I got off on the above explanation, as this Dare challenge doesn't seem to have any examples of said "dozing" trend!  But in the future, look may see some!!  That is one of the fun challenges for my see how well  I have concealed the "whoops"!!!

Dare # 33

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  1. I like this zendala! So nice with Holibaugh. I also like the 'hairy' border.