Saturday, November 10, 2012

Creativity Abounds!

Two weeks ago, my Creative Crones group met and we had such a great time...revealing our latest challenge, dyeing fabric, and eating!!  I had taken a dyeing class a few years ago but never did any thing with what I had learned except purchase dyes and fabrics to dye!!  So our getting together got me inspired to do more the next day at home.

My fabrics on the line

And here are some more that I did at home along with some wool roving I was trying to dye... the roving is OK but I want to try some more to get more vivid colors.

Hand dyed fabrics
I love the process, but I will is a lot of work!!!  The dyeing part is really fun, but the getting set up and all the rinsing after is a pain in the ol' keister!!  I will do it again, but is more fun to do as a group activity!!!

Then the following Sunday, we met our daughter in Dallas at the Arboretum to view the Chihuly blown glass exhibit.  It was absolutely fabulous!!!  The exhibit was to have ended early November, but because it has been so popular, they are extending the date to December 31.  If any one is any where near the area, and have not seen the exhibit yet, I highly recommend visiting it!

Glass reeds "growing" in water
A glass plant
Closeup of glass
This is approx. 20 feet high.
A water fall and glass 
Chihuly glass work
And this is just a small portion of the exhibit!  Much of the beauty was the setting...nestled among the plants as though the glass was a part of it!


  1. What fun you had dying cloth with friends! I bet you were tired after that hard work.
    But the results look beautiful to me.

    The glass works are specular! Wow!!! Is that yellow thing a plant or is it glass as well? Hard to tell. Never seen anything like it before!

  2. Lynn - The yellow thing is glass as well.

    Mom - If you ever want a partner in dying crimes, just give me a shout I'll join you!! Your fabrics look beautiful....I'm getting some of those, right?

  3. Those hand dyed fabrics are gorgeous. That's something I never tried and probably never will, but I can sure appreciate their beauty. That Chihuly glass looks like hand-dyes too!

  4. Your dyed fabrics and roving turned out beautiful! We moved into an apartment for the first time in 34 years of there isn't a place for me to dye...but like you, I've done just enough to whet my appetite...AND to realize it's a big messy job. But usually worth the results.

  5. Chihuly's work is amazing. Check out my post showing some of the art quilts my friend made being inspired by his work!