Friday, November 16, 2012

TVQG Monthly Meeting

Today was my guild's monthly meeting...good see those whom I only see once a month! Our speaker today was Susan Cranshaw...a designer, art quilter and fellow Texan via the East Coast.

I had purchased one of her patterns from a quilt shop a couple of years ago...the Horned Toad...mainly because I wanted to make some items for TCU (Texas Christian University) which is my S-N-L's alma mater, located here in Fort Worth, and has a very loyal fan base...oh, and the Horned Toad is their mascot!

The Horned Toad
They are not very pretty fellows but have an interesting history and have come close to extinction. The design that Susan created is much cuter!  I have made a tote bag for my daughter to carry to football games and a couple of mini wall hangings....

Tote Bag
Susan has many other patterns in her Texas critters series...longhorn cattle, hummingbirds, armadillo, road runner, and several landscape/floral scenes.  Because I enjoyed her Toad so much, I decided to also purchase the hummingbirds and road runner.  We have both birds around here so I thought I would like to have them done in an art quilt...a triptych perhaps.

I don't usually buy patterns because I like to make my own, but her designs are so well done, I think to try to do my own would be like trying to reinvent the wheel!  And half the fun is to select the fabric to be used....that is what makes it my art! (Kind of!)  I have created a link to her website where you can see her work and also purchase items from her if you are interested.

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  1. Sorry I missed her appearance. I've seen her work at quilt shows where she was a vendor and always loved her Texas designs.