Monday, November 5, 2012

Dare Zendala Challenge # 30

This week, the Bright Owl gave an interesting challenge...not only did she create a zendala pattern for us to use, she challenged us to use zentangle patterns that, by name, begin with the letters...P-I-E!!!  Which she aptly determined  would help us to begin the big November celebration....Thanksgiving!

Ironically, as I was reading her blog on the subject, I had two apple pies in the for eating NOW and one for freezing for the Thanksgiving Feasting!!  When we visited NW Arkansas a couple of weeks ago, my brother in law had brought us a bushel of Jonathon apples from Missouri.  We can never seem to get very good apples here in Texas and Missouri Jonathons are the best, in my opinion!!!
Apple those Jonathons!
And the zentangle patterns I chose to use are: Pais, Ixorus, Echo, and Eyelet.
Dare # 30
And I have created links for all four of the tangles I used which will show you how to draw them and give you a opportunity to see a few other "zentangle" blogs!! Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for teasing with the pie.

  2. Your zendal is beautiful .... and so is your apple pie.

  3. I think it's great you have a kind of 'gateway' to walk into the zendala! It's a bold and creative design!

  4. I love the does it look scrumptious! Rich and beautiful just like the zendala that you have given richness in line and design!

  5. Your pie looks yummy, and so does your zendala. It's quite bold and beautiful, and the tangles you chose work together so well.

  6. Wow, that pie sure looks delicious! My mouth is watering.... Lovely zendala - I 'specially like your ixorus which looks so puffy (sort of like slices of apple underneath a crust?) Great choice and placement of your tangles.