Monday, November 5, 2012

Houston Quilt Show/Colouricious Booth

I did not get to the International Quilt Show this year...but I had a little quilt that made it there!!  Last year at this exact daughter and I took one of the ONE DAY Bus trips.  We had a great albeit very tiring time....and I wish I had gone again this year...I'll start thinking towards next year!

Anyway...while we were there last year..we visited the Colouricious Booth which is an English vendor specializing in wooden stamps as well as many other fiber arts things.  They have a fascinating website and blog which I have linked to so check it out.  But back to my story!  While talking to the lady in charge and being interested in her blocks, she gave me one block with the  condition that I would make something with it for her to have as a demo for this block.

My stamp from Colouricious
A few weeks before this year's show was scheduled, I remembered I had told Jamie at Colouricious I would make her I got the stamp out and for some reason, every time I would look at it, the little Camp Song "In a Cottage, In a Wood"  came to mind!  So I decided to print off the lyrics, stamp the cottage on, and create a forest around the cottage.  I knew some one from my guild would be going to the show, and sure enough, after I put out a request for a deliverer, one of my friends volunteered to deliver it for me.

After Peggy delivered it, she emailed me a picture of Jamie of Colouricious with my quilt....she seemed to be very pleased to receive it....chances are, she probably forgot that she had even given it to me a year ago!  But I would not have felt right keeping her/my stamp without at least attempting to give her something back!
Jamie of Colouricious with my little cottage quilt!


  1. your stamp is very interesting and what you created with it lovely~!.
    i popped over to their site and was fascinated with the variety of these wooden stamps that they have for sale as well as other interesting and culturally unique items.

    thank you for the introduction to them.

  2. I love it!! Even if she may not remember the exact conversation, I'm certain she appreciated the quilt and now has an additional example to show to people about what can be done with her stamps. Your creativity amazes me all the time.

  3. True to your word! A very nice project indeed.

  4. I did not forget the conversation but was so thrilled and amazed that you took action to actually make me something. It was beautiful and I am so deeply touched by your generosity. Thank you so much. Beautiful art work with a marvellous combination of skills. Thank you again and again!