Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Eve to all my friends, old and new!  Wishing you the best!

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!!!!
This is a zentangle challenge I did a year or so ago, and thought my little turkey would still be appropriate this year!  Pumpkin pie in the oven, silver polished (thanks to my buddy!), bread crumbs drying (again thanks to my buddy), rolls baked, cranberry sauce cooked,  jellos to make a cherry cobbler and get apple pie out of the freezer.  Later on today, will get  ol' Tom (although I think it is a young tom) out of the fridge; chip out the  bag of giblets; cook them with eggs for my giblet gravy which I will make tomorrow after Tom is roasted.

We are having 14 people and have a 22 lb. turkey to serve!  Everyone will be bringing all kinds of food....I think we will have enough....and then some!

I wish everyone, everywhere would be able to have this magnificent feast with us....or one like it where ever they are!  It might be a little crowded to have everyone in!!


  1. Sounds like a beautiful start to what will be a fabulous day! Have fun! Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!