Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Our Beautiful World-Fruit

     And this week the "Our Beautiful World" blog has chosen fruit for the theme...well, I love fruit and love taking pictures of food so here goes!!

My bumper tomato crop of a few years ago. (Are tomatoes fruit or vegetable?)
Rhubarb for sale at a Farmer's Market in Holland, Michigan
My apple pie!!
And my fruit jellies!!!
Now I know I posted a pretty broad take on the topic of fruit....but when I got to looking at my pictures, I ran across these and thought they might fit the bill!!!


  1. Hi have a lovely selection of fruit and all of them yummy - could you please link your post back to OBW, Thanks for sharing great pic cheers and have a great week Robyn

    1. Oh yes, Robyn...I meant to do the link but just forgot this time!!

  2. your apple pie looks good and a great shot from the rhubarb stand.
    Thanks for sharing your photos with us at "Our Beautiful World"

  3. they certainly do fit the bill!! I love seeing them ... wonderful tomatoes which are fruit! Thanks so much for sharing at Our Beautiful World!!

  4. These are Divine!!! Thanks so much for sharing them with us at Our Beautiful World!