Sunday, April 20, 2014

Circle Suppers, family get together

     Yesterday my daughter who lives not far from me, my SIL and grandson drove to my other daughter's house which is about 60 miles from here. Her birthday was last Wednesday so we went to celebrate it as well as Easter. She had made pulled pour in her crock pot and we all brought stuff. While there the guys helped her hang a bunch of decorative stuff on the walls. She had accumulated several pieces from us after Dick passed away. It was good to see them hanging on her walls. Always good to get together!
Such a cutie!!!
     My church, Westside Unitarian Universalists, has a monthly activity  called Circle Suppers. Anyone wanting to participate signs up, saying whether one can host and how many people they can take Then one of our members takes the list, sorts it all out and lets the host know who is attending. It is up to the host to contact them, decide the menu, and then everyone brings something to the table....sides, dessert, wine, bread, etc.
     My dinner partners consisted of five others, three I knew and two I did not. At least I did not think I knew them. I just didn't connect the names with the faces! The evening was lovely so we sat outside on my patio. I'm very pleased with my patio... It is coming together nicely! I think it will be a great source of pleasure for many years to come....but back to my dinner. I served a chicken enchilada casserole; one guest brought a great salad; there was a rice dish; good wine selection, and cheesecake for dessert!
     Much good conversation and laughter! I know I will definitely do this again!!! Oh, and Happy Easter to all!
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