Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cotton Robin

    I had participated in an Internet exchange called the "Cotton Robin" for three years. Each participant would make a center block and mail it to the moderator, Julie Waldman.  Julie would then mail out the blocks with a list of others who would add three more borders and then the last person would bind and quilt the mini quilt and mail it back to the original creator. I have given you the link to the blog which will be explained a lot better than I am doing.
    The last exchange I took part in was 2013...and my quilt got lost somewhere between Canada, New Zealand and to me here in Texas!  It was so long that Julie was getting the gang together to make another quilt for me!  Someone made a center block and mailed it to Julie...but before they could get it going, my quilt showed up!
Cotton Robin 2013
I am so glad it did make it to me because I really love the final results!
     Anyway, Julie mailed the block back to the original maker and eleven of us decided to take that block and make a quilt for Julie for all she does for this exchange!  I know that I would not have the patience to do all that planning she does! So I wanted to show the quilt that we made for her. The exchange Cotton Robins were under 20 inches.  By the time we all worked on this one for Julie, it turned out to be about 78"!  Amazing what a world-wide collaboration can do!!
Julie's Cotton Robin-(check out the link to the Cotton Robin for a better picture)

This is the label that I made for the quilt.
I didn't participate in the current Cotton Robin for personal reasons, but I hope to be involved next year if Julie continues moderating it!!!

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  1. I guess I can't give up now, can I? This year is a little crazy because 2 people dropped out in the middle -- but several others jumped in to take up some slack... what a great group!