Saturday, April 5, 2014

studioQ Feb/March meetings

     I had missed a few of our studioQ little art quilters' group.  We are at 10 or 11 now...and have decided to keep it at that number at least for now.  And we are continuing with our Color Chip Challenge!  Now this is a "no pressure" group, so even though it was discussed and decided upon to do this challenge, there are some who for their own reasons are not always participating.
     I do want to show the projects of those who are usually doing the challenge of the month...
Beth's picture inspiration for her color chips
On left are the color chips-on right, my fabric choices
Kay's Challenge
Rhonda's challenge
My challenge
The above were shown at our February meeting.  The next set were from our March meeting and the challenge was given by Lynn.

Lynn's color chips and my fabric choices to go with the colors.

My color challenge for Lynn's color chips.


  1. Enjoy seeing the various interpretations. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Is Beth Garber in your group? Looks like a lot of good art is being made by the creative crones - keep up the good work!