Monday, April 7, 2014

Memory Monday #53

     Another big deal for Juniors was Prom.  I think I wrote when my sister was a Junior, and how the Juniors were in charge of prom from choosing the theme to decorating and sponsoring the Queen's court. And that the sole purpose of prom was to give a going away party for the graduating Seniors.  Up to the point of becoming Juniors, any money making ventures that we did as Freshmen or Sophomores was dedicated to paying for the costs accrued to throwing the prom!

     Each class had a teacher who was the class sponsor...that particular teacher usually remained the same each our Junior class was Miss McGuire who also taught us English.  She had been teaching for a long in the High school....even had taught my Mom and Dad! She was quite a character...a very outspoken woman...really knew her stuff!  She was a very self assured lady who did not tolerate fools or rowdy high school boys...or girls!  When it came time for Prom, being our sponsor, everything we did had to go through her for her approval.  There were many meetings with her present, and seeing her outside of the classroom we on the prom committee began to see her in a different and kinder light!

    Miss McGuire not only taught my parents, but she also attended the same church I did.  Living in a small town and going to the Catholic church in the 50's  (the Catholic church being very much a minority)  created a closeness with all church members.
So the other Catholic girl in our class and I became kind of under the wing of Miss Mc.  She took particular notice of our doings, and would discuss any possible irregularities with our mothers whom she saw on a regular basis at church activities and Sunday Mass.
We didn't get away with much!!  Not that we really tried but...our village really was raising its children!

      At the time, I had a bit of a crush on an OLDER man...I was 16 at the time, he was 19!  But the fact that he was a good Catholic boy gave me "permission" from my parents with the encouragement of Miss McG. to ask him to the prom. To my delight, he accepted....that was the one and only time we went out, but it was a magical evening!

Me before prom...the same lovely gown my mom made for Fall Festival! It was pale yellow with artificial daisies sewn down the skirt...m mom's design!


  1. What a beautiful dress, you look so pretty. We didn't have proms in the UK when I left school, would be a good excuse to dress up!

  2. Awww, that is the dress that I dressed up in when Marti was trying on your wedding dress and Debbie was trying on Judy's.... Maybe we knew then that I would never be a bride...sigh.