Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Our Beautiful World-Bloom

      With the hopes of Spring in the air after a most brutalwinter everywhere, the Our Beautiful World photography group has chosen the subject "Bloom" this week. I love taking pictures of flowering plants, trees, the whole nature thing so I am having a bit of a problem deciding which photos to post!
      Bradford Pear trees are one of the first to bloom in this area...sometimes a little early! The Bradfords are beautiful, fruitless small trees...blooms early, lovely green leaves all summer then the most gorgeous bronze and reds in the fall...a wonderful treat for any landscape.
Bradford Pears 
Close up of Bradford Pears
      With my recent move from two acres to a condo in the city, I have acquired a patio area which is MIINE to do with as I wish (within the confines of the HOA guidelines)!  So I took out (or rather had my grandson do the digging) several in ground shrubs, hauled in a lot of river rock for the beds, and put in large pots.  I had about six pots from my other home and added to that number.  At least here in the city, I can attempt to grow flowers!  In the country, everything I tried in that line was just deer food!  And although I loved having the deer around, it was a little expensive to feed them those tender shoots!!  Begonias seemed to be a favorite!!
    With that said, here are a couple of pictures of my blooms!
Part of my little city garden!
   Other attractions later in the spring will be the irises and the crepe myrtles! And Texas would not be the same without the state flower..the bluebonnet which grows wild almost everywhere!
Texas bluebonnets

Crepe myrtle


  1. I have the same problem, there are just too many pretty bloom out there huh! Thanks for sharing yours with us at Our Beautiful World!

  2. beautiful flowers especially the Crepe myrtle.
    Thanks for sharing with us at "Our Beautiful World"

  3. Spring means lots of lovely flowers to take photos of....decisions, decisions!

  4. What a change from 2 acres to a condo! We also are on a large lot of land ( 1 acre ) and we wonder how we will ever go back to 'suburbia'. I think I would handle it better than hubby but for now we are not going anywhere. Love your BLOOMS, thanks for sharing...

  5. I can't wait to see your itty bitty flower garden.


  6. Ahh, they're all so beautiful... And I know the problem, lol, I think we all would have liked to share many many more flower photos this week :-) Well, I wouldn't have minded if you had done just so.
    I love that blue bonnets photo, such a beautiful and peaceful looking place...

  7. Hi Jay, it's spring wonderful....all those hidden bulbs just waiting for the sunshine....the masses of blue bonnets would be spectacular. Lovely photos - aren't the colours amazing. Cheers Robyn