Monday, March 31, 2014

Memory Monday #52

     Here is it is almost 4:00PM and I just about forgot Memory Monday!  I am still relating a few memories of high school...I loved high school...but I don't necessarily want to relive it!
     Another school event we all enjoyed was Homecoming.  Football was King in Illinois too...not just Texas.  In fact, I think Friday Night Lights could take place in any state, in any small town.  Our team was really good at that time.  The coach had been there forever; he and his wife were also in my mom and dad's "social crowd".  Coach Smith (yes, really Smith...not just an alias for my blog.)  reminds me of Tom Landry...the famous Cowboys demeanor and looks...not that I even knew who Landry was then, but living in Texas for many years...I do now!
      But Homecoming wasn't JUST about football!  We had Spirit Week; we had a parade with floats in which all high school clubs had an entry; we had a Homecoming Court and a dance!!
Our little float that won a big prize!!
     My Junior Year one of our favorite teachers let us decorate his CAR!  It was a VW of the very first..and we made it into a little airplane. It is hard to see that this is to be an airplane from this picture...I think maybe by game time, where the floats were parked around the outside of the football field, the wings may have fallen off!  But because it was so unique and original, my group...I think Drama Club....won first place
The front of our little float with our # 1 sign!
      Of course, the fun was in the getting together for nights before hand and decorating the floats in secret!  No one was to know what anyone else's float looked like until the day of the parade! Someone's dad would let us use his garage...or one of the businesses around town who had a large space...would loan it to us for a couple of weeks before Homecoming.  And every night, we would gather our creative spirits and come up with a float!  Usually they would be a flat bed pickup or a wagon pulled by a pickup. Oh, the fabulous concoctions that could be made with crepe paper!    
     On the day of the parade, everyone would meet at the school and line up...the band, the floats, the "Queen" candidates...and we would drive slowly the few blocks to the square, slowly around the square, and back to the school!  Because our little airplane was somewhat fragile, several of us walked along beside it to help hold the wings up!!
     In the first picture, I am the tall one...third from the right...and glasses!!!  My friend Barbee is across from me in the middle on the left.
      Fun times had by all!!

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