Friday, March 14, 2014


     Not goodbye..see you later!  Wednesday, we had a memorial service for my husband of 50 years.  One of my daughters who blogs, just posted her thoughts on the day which was beautiful so I will link you to her blog and won't go into detail on mine...
     It had been great weather all week...even in the 80's on Tuesday!  Then came a cold front that night and it was in the 50's with a really STRONG wind on Wednesday!  And the National Cemetery where we had the service is up on a hill. But it was a sunny day and a brief service so no one suffered too much!
     Dick served in the Air Force when we were first married and, although he did not choose to make a career out of the military, he was proud of the uniform and the pride in country that comes with it which increased through the years. So when we began to reach our "Senior" years, we looked into interment at the National Cemetery near Dallas.
Where my husband's remains are
It is a lovely place, not too far from us.  We had also opted for cremation years ago, and Dick, with his fabulous woodworking talents, had built beautiful boxes for both of us to hold our remains.  The cemetery has columbariums for placement of cremated remains. 
This is not his exact location but a pic of one of the columbariums.
     We had a private, by invitation only, ceremony. These were the people who were our core support during the whole ordeal...and several family members...Dick's sister and brother, and three nieces were able to attend from out of town. We then went back to my condo area which has a really nice "clubhouse" room to be used by residents for occasions, and served a BBQ luncheon for all. 
    Then that evening all the family members came back to my condo and sat around sharing memories and eating leftovers!  My daughters and I had made trays of cookies...about 15 dozen cookies!!  Laughing until our sides ached!  Dick would have loved it!!!!

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