Monday, March 17, 2014

Memory Monday# 50

Courthouse....Pittsfield, Illinois
      A big festival in my home town each year was the Fall Festival.  My town is the county seat with a beautiful courthouse in the middle which created the Square.  There is an extensive lawn area all around it with large maple and oak trees.  All around the square are the shops, many of which are still there..banks, bakeries, dress shops, shoe shops etc.
      The Fall Festival took place in late September/ early October.  One of the high lights was the crowning of the Fall Festival Queen!!  Every girl from age 14-18 could participate.  Each would have a of the shops around the square.  The contestants would wear a ribbon with the shop's name on it; a stage would be built on one side of the square; an emcee would introduce each girl as she came up on the stage, posed briefly for the audience then went down the other side.  After the introductions, a group of judges from the Chamber of Commerce, I think would select "Miss Fall Festival of 19 ?? !  This would take place on the first night of the Festival...a Friday.  The next day, there was a parade with all the contestants riding on the back of convertibles!
That's me...always the clown!
And here we are...riding in our convertible!
The front seat beauty is my best friend, Barbee....who married a guy named Ken!!!
     All weekend, there would be booths set up all around the square.  Every organization in the county would have a booth...either food or crafts or a game of some kind.  And they would close off one side of the square so they could run "the jalopy".  Some guy had souped up an old open air car so it would jump and hop and make all kinds of weird sounds.  The kids loved it!!  All small town entertainment!!  But FUN for all!!!
     Oh, and my mom made my formal!!  Such a great mom!!


  1. I had a dress about like that, made by my mom also. I think I was a bridesmaid in a cousin's wedding. Seems like I had a little jacket to wear for the wedding. Oh, the memories....a simpler time!

  2. What a great memory! Loved reading about it.

  3. Wow what great memories and fantastic photos! Xxx

  4. I love to read your blog. I had no idea that you know Ken and Barbee!