Thursday, March 6, 2014

Creative Crones of studioQ Are Back!

     Actually the studioQ gals never left...I kind of left them for awhile.  But I am happy to report they are well and creative.  I went to a meeting last week for the first time in about four months and found they can carry on without me!!
     I think I wrote about our new challenge a few months back, but to refresh...a member takes a turn picking out a picture they like and then going to a paint store and picking out  4-8 color chips they think define the colors in their picture.  Then they give each member the same chips and we have to go home and create a quilt or work of art of some kind with those colors.  A couple of our group work better with paper and found objects than with fabric which is ok with all.
      When I started, I decided to journal each month with the picture that inspired, the color chips, and the fabrics I pulled from my stash to use. So far, this is what we have done.
My Journal
Challenge #1-Color chips on Left/ fabric on right-fish from picture
My quilt for  #1
and Challenge #2:
The Picture from Bethany 
My journal entry-again chips on the left and fabric on the right.  Bethany told us we could use black or white.

My Quilt for # 2- I want to do some heavy duty quilting on it.
Challenge #3 from Beth:
Picture taken by Beth's daughter-close up of dew on a flower!
My journal entry-chips-left/fabric-right
My quilt for #3

And Challenge #4 by Lynn:

I haven't put these into my journal yet. Lynn had just returned from a trip to Scotland and was influenced by the Cairns piled around so she presented her chips to us as such!  Clever girl!  But these are the fabrics I have chosen to work eager to get going on a quilt with them..I have my idea just need the time to do it.

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