Monday, March 24, 2014

Memory Monday # 51

     Now I am a Junior in High School!  I have been dating some; many of my friends began dating much before I did. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I was a bit socially immature...which was not a major problem, especially for my parents!!
     My best friend, Barbee, was quite the opposite!  Whereas I loved spending time outside, riding  bikes, playing with my dog, etc. she was always mooning over the movie star magazines and dreaming up some heated romance!  By the time we were Juniors, she had been madly in love at least three times.  She insisted I join the ranks of the teenage angst. She had a grandmother in a nearby town whom we would go visit occasionally. Barbee's grandmother Meemee, was the epitome of grandmothers! She had the most beautiful white hair; she was short and slightly plump and adored Barbee who could do no wrong in her eyes! So she became my  Meemee too!
      When we would go visit Meemee, it was usually in the summer when we were out of school.  The small city she lived in had a pavilion in the park where the teens would go to hang out...dancing and live bands.  This was pre-heavy metal days...most of the music was dance music like our parents would have; concert-type music.  When we would go out there, Barbee would insist I take my glasses off (pre-contact lens days, too)...the phrase "boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses" was on her mind!!  So not only was I rather shy about the whole dating thing, I was also now blind as a bat!!
Me without glasses! 
and with glasses!!
   These pictures are actually proofs taken for our Senior year book, but they were the only ones I could find that showed so well the with and without!! Oh the things we let ourselves get talked into.

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  1. The one with out glasses makes you look like you are staring off into never never land.....I remember that feeling of not wearing glasses/contacts/pre-surgery where I'd take them off and everything would go fuzzy and it was so relaxing.....