Monday, February 17, 2014

Memory Monday #48

     After taking off for awhile on my blog (see previous blog), I am returning to my "Memory Monday" blogs! At last writing, I was a Freshman in high Sophomore year was pretty uneventful...we moved into a new High older sister's class was the first class to graduate in the new school.
      Pittsfield Community High School became the home to not only kids from Pittsfield, but we also absorbed a couple of other high schools which closed down and came to Pittsfield. In the case of one school, their principal became a assistant principal at the new PHS.
Pittsfield Community High School
     As small schools were unable to keep their doors open, this practice of combining areas into one school became pretty common. It was hard for communities to close their schools. In farm communities the schools may have been their main pride and source of  belonging.  So when students had to be integrated into a new school, sometimes there was a bit of a clash of "us" and "them".  Usually after a year or two this feeling of separation would dissipate.
     Our school  logo was an Indian head and our team name was the Saukees.
PHS logo
     As today, sports were very important...we had a killer football team, and off and on good basketball teams.  We were one of the largest schools in our immediate community..graduating approximately 100 students a year!  The Sophomore year of high school is kind of a gray area for most least in my time.  We weren't the green freshmen; most of us couldn't drive yet...not 16; nothing too outstanding!  But we still had a lot of fun!

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