Monday, April 14, 2014

Memory Monday # 54

    And now we are Seniors!!! I remember my Senior Year of high school with many great memories!!!  My sister is away at college, so I have the bedroom we share to myself!!!  (Most of the time)! This is her second year to be gone, so I don't miss her as much as I did last year!
    So many things going on...some of the same things as the other three years of high school...but being a Senior is Special!!  We are the top dogs!  We rule!!  Underclassmen look up to us!  We all drive..although most of my immediate group of friends do not have their own cars, we can usually count on a parent to let us use their cars.  I remember the my parents had two cars by now (they didn't for several years).  My dad always drove Fords, but they had a used Pontiac that my mom drove and that was also my car.
1948-49 Pontiac Chieftain
   It was a two door sedan...1948-49. I got this picture off the Internet, but this is almost exactly what it look like but not that shiny!!  It was a huge boat of a car...heavy doors, heavy everything.  And it was classy!!  Not as classy as my friend Barbee's mom's Oldsmobile convertible...but it worked for me. Actually I was able to get the car just about whenever I wanted because my parents trusted my driving more than they did most of my friends!!
     As Seniors, we could drive to school and go out for lunch...big deal!  We didn't do it every day, but usually once a week, one of us would get the  car and we would head to Wimpy's Drive In which was on the edge of town and had the local skating rink attached on the back side.  Wimpy was the nickname of a local guy, taken from a character in the Popeye cartoon series.  I always thought our Wimpy's was a one of a kind local spot...and it was, because we didn't have chain stores  back then. But as I was searching the Internet for drive in pictures, I discovered there were several Wimpy's through out the states!

This is very like our Wimpy's, but had a gravel driveway all around it and no trees.
Another Wimpy's I found on the Internet!

The original Wimpy from the Popeye series!

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