Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lucky me!

     Last night I received two separate emails telling me I had won a set of stencils!!! A few weeks ago Lynn Krawczyk posted on her blog Smudged Textiles, that there was to be a blog hop celebrating her new book  "Intentional Printing". Please check out her blog because it is loaded with all kinds of cool stuff...Lynn writes for Quilting Arts and has done several teaching videos with them. But I diverse....

..... I hopped right over to visit some very cool fiber artists and while there I left comments. So yesterday was the big reveal day...and I was contacted by Lisa Cousineau and by Carmen Whitehead that I had won! I had signed up on all the blogs that I visited but who knew I would get selected twice!!!
     I immediately contacted Carmen (as I had already let Lisa know my address) to suggest someone else get a chance to win. To which she graciously commented I should get a lottery ticket and she would pick some one else. Now I am very excited to get my stencils so I can hopefully do some of the amazing things I saw on other blogs!!!
     I have also signed up for Virginia Spiegel's Java Art Exchange using techniques from Lynn's I had already planned to get a copy I decided to join! Unfortunately my awesome stencils won't get here in time because I need to finish however many entries I am going to do by May 2nd to Virginia.  But using Lynn's book for ideas and techniques, here is my beginning...gotta' start somewhere!  Come back to see what else I am going to do with these "masterpieces"...and check out all the links I have added to see the stencils I will be getting and some pretty amazing art from others!

Making my own stencil to silk screen from Lynn's coffee cup

Step #1
Step # 2

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  1. Coolness! I can't wait to see what you have won and what you have created!