Thursday, May 1, 2014

Meeting of the Crones

     My wonderful, creative fiber artists group met Monday. (I like to call us the Creative Crones, but we are really studioQ!)  We met at my condo for the first time since I moved here.  The condo has a clubhouse which residents can use for large meetings, so I had signed up for it for our "studioQ" meeting mainly because parking is a premium at the individual condo buildings.  My plan was to meet all my fellow crones up there then bring them to my condo to actually have the meeting.
      We are ten strong now...a nice even number!  We have debated whether to add members or not but we are getting pretty set in our ways so kind of hate to have to "train" new people! We are still working on our color chip's colors brought to us by Kay.  Here is the picture from which she pulled her colors.

 # 5-Left-color chips/right-my fabric choices
Nancy's # 5
Bethany's # 5 
Kay's #5
Jay's three mini #5
Beth's #5..she uses actual color chips rather than fabric

      Due to various reasons, many of us are at different levels of completion about our color chip are some of the various "catchup" challenges shown yesterday.

And I have to brag about our Heather!  She is just having a spectacular year...last fall one of her quilts won a first at the Houston International Festival and this spring she won another first prize at Paducah with one of her "Tuning Fork Series". If you would like to see more of her fabulous work and read more of her odyssey (there are more awards and honors bestowed on her!) please click on her name to go to her blog.
Heather's quilt-on bottom, second in from right
Page from the catalog with Heather's quilt

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  1. Thanks for continuing to put up with us! I appreciate your creativity and leadership. I love your new home.