Thursday, May 22, 2014

Meeting of the Crones-May

     My wonderful fiber arts group, studioQ, met last Monday at Wendy's.  As always we had a great time...Wendy has such a lovely home..and she fed us!  The best chicken salad I think I have ever had! And a fruit salad and a crunchy snack cracker that I hope to make.
      We had our showing of our May Color Chip Challenge...
The Picture from which Rhonda got her color inspirations
Top row...color chips/ Bottom fabric choice.

My CC for May-"One of These Squares Is Not Like the Other"

Bethany's CC for May

Beth's CC for May
Kay's CC for May
Rhonda's CC for May
Wendy's CC for May

      And we had a few other "show n tells", too.

Bethany has a large collection of "Grandma's Flower Garden" blocks and she is using them in a more Modern Quilt fashion with plans to make several to give to family members.
Kay used her hand dyed fabrics for a quilt start
Front side of a quilt by Kay 
and the back side of Kay's quilt
Rhonda is learning to do wool applique
Wendy finished her hand quilted silk
A closeup of another silk start by Wendy-hand dyed silk
Wendy's abstract
More of Wendy's silk quilt with her hand dyed fabrics
     Such a talented group!!!  This bunch has been very responsible in helping me stay grounded during periods of sorrow!!! Between them, my family, and neighbors...I am going to be OK!!!!


  1. I don't think I'm ready to move to Texas, but I'd love to be in your group!

  2. you are right~!! LOTS of talent within this group~!
    fun to see the different interpretations of the CC challenge and those silk quilts are just WOW~!