Monday, May 5, 2014

Memory Monday # 57

     Now that you know what a criminal I am, I will share a few more Senior (not old age Senior) moments with you.  I mentioned a town of 4000 with one major highway running through...our cruising route was limited to about three miles up and down the "strip" (the highway) east and west, around the square, down to the high school on the south and the swimming pool on the north!  Gas was cheap by today's standards...we could all chip in 25 cents and get four-five gallons of gas.
    One of our favorite hangouts was the Cardinal Inn.  It was a really a truck stop, but tolerated the teen crowd especially after football games.  Even then Friday Night Lights were a big deal!!
The Cardinal Inn
     The Cardinal Inn had the best platter of french fries, hamburgers to die for, and one specialty of the house was grilled rolls...I have never had this delicacy any where else.  They would take a large Danish, split in half, butter the inside and grill it just to where the icing was starting to melt!  My mouth is watering as I write this!!!
      Even today, the Cardinal Inn is still operating...the highway is not as active because a by-pass...the killer of many small towns...was built many years ago, so the big 18-wheelers don't go through there anymore.  But the Inn is still the same restaurant and every time I go back to visit (my brother still lives there), we have at least one breakfast there...and I have a grilled Danish!!

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