Monday, May 26, 2014

Memory Monday #59

     Whoops!  I forgot all about doing a memory Monday last week!!  Busy! Busy! Busy!

     So this week, my memory is focusing on Memorial Day because that is what today is.  When I was a kid, we would go visit all the family gravesites and put flowers on them....always fresh flowers.  Usually the Sunday before, we would go to Missouri where my dad's side of the family are was a lovely cemetery overlooking the Mississippi River.  My grandmother would lead us around and have stories to tell about all the family members.  We would always have a picnic in a park also overlooking the river...somehow the thought of my grandma's fried chicken and coconut cake always outweighed the interest in her stories!  I wish now I had paid closer attention because now there is no one left to remember them!!

The Mighty Mississippi (a fall picture)
     And now I have another cemetery to visit.  The ashes of my husband of 50 years is in a niche at the National Cemetery in Texas.  My daughters and I visited it on two different weekends just recently....the last visit just a week ago when they were preparing for the Memorial Day Service by placing flags all around.  I won't be going there today...I am sure it will be really crowded, so we enjoyed our own private moments of memory by going to week before.

     I am so pleased with our decision of burial place for him.  It is such a lovely place, so serene and well taken care of.  He served in the Air Force for four years, but anyone who served in the military, regardless of length of time is eligible for a spot in any of the National Cemeteries. That is one thing our government did get right!!

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