Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bollywood for AQATW

    This is the first blog for the Art Quilts Around The World I have published in quite awhile.  Every other month, a theme is given by various members and I have missed the last three... "Macro", "Art Noveau", and "Song Title". I hope I can make up at least some of them, but meanwhile...I do have the newest theme..."Bollywood"!  I had a great time making this little quilt..and here is is and how I did it.
First, coincidentally, I occasionally  do a Facebook entry with "Journal 52" and a few weeks ago, the topic was "Creative Hands"...thus my entry.
Creative Hands on paper/black ink
So I decided to do my "Bollywood" in the style of the popular Henna tattoos...but this drawing was not large enough for my quilt...thus I drew an extension!
Extension on paper/black ink
Then downloaded both to my computer...did a little editing with color...making sepia color copies of both.

Sepia editing
Then I printed both off onto fabric, put fusing on the back, ironed them together to a hot pink background, added borders, quilted and add bangles with beading....another popular Bollywood fashion.
Closeup of quilting/beading

And there you have my step by step "Bollywood"!!! Be sure to click on the link above to see every one's fabulous entries!!!

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