Monday, June 2, 2014

Memory Monday #60

MMMM!!!  the teenage staple...French Fries!!!!
      I almost forgot again!!  Last blog, I think I talked about my job at the swimming pool concession stand. And that most of my friends had jobs also, from working at the soda fountain in their father's drugstore to being a carhop at the local drive in. And most of these were day jobs so we could still get together at night.
      I remember one early summer night, a bunch of us were stuffed into one of our parents' cars (none of us had our own cars)...I was in the back seat behind the passenger side; it was a two door car...we pulled up to the Cardinal Inn for our nightly fix of french fries and began piling out...being in the back seat, I had put my right hand around the door opening to pull myself out when who ever was the last one out of the front slammed the door...with my hand still there!
     Instantly, the accident was realized...the door opened, and one of my friends grabbed my hand which was really gushing!  My ring finger on my right hand was pretty smashed!  Everyone was screaming and carrying on except for my one level headed friend!  She grabbed something and wrapped my finger in it, applying appropriate pressure.  The driver (I don't even remember who it was now) sped us to my parents' house.  Now I am pretty fuzzy on what happened next...I just know I ended up at the hospital with my the emergency room...and the doctor giving me something for shock.  And I remember him putting some kind of powder on my finger to numb it and beginning to sew it back together. Actually it was just the whole tip of my finger above the first joint which was smashed, but somehow he was able to save the end.
     So thanks to my friend with the cool head who kept it all together, and to the doctor's remarkable skills, I today have all my digits...albeit that end of that finger remains numb, and is still affected by extreme cold...just a reminder of that summer evening out with my friends....I never did get my french fries that night!!!

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