Monday, June 16, 2014

Memory Monday # 62

      Still my Senior year in high school...We really had a great time!!  Homecoming that fall was a bit strange.  That year, we had an epidemic of measles...and we had to postpone the whole event by a couple of weeks...more than half of the football team, the marching band and the Homecoming Court were down with it!
     I was lucky enough to be chosen to be one of the Senior girls of the Court.  There were two of the other three classes chosen by their perspective classes..and eight queen candidates who were Seniors for a total of fourteen young ladies all dressed up in formals!  The Homecoming Queen was voted on by the whole school!
1957-58 Homecoming float
Several of my best friends were also candidates!
      And of course, we had our own float in the Homecoming parade!  The parade would be held around the square, marching band and all...the dance would be in the gym after the football game. So it was a big night!!
      It was also the last dance we would have in the gym wearing SHOES for the year! After football season was over, basketball season began and all winter we would have lots of dances but they would be Sock Hops.  Now I know you have heard of sock hops but may not have known of the origin.  After basketball season began, we were not allowed on the gym floor with shoes on, so if we were to have dances, we would check our shoes at the door.

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