Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Our Beautiful World-Textures

     This week the picture blog, Our Beautiful World, has chosen "Textures" for the theme.  I like this!!!  There are so many wonderful textures out there in our beautiful world so I am going into my photo file to see what I can find!

Trees!!  I love trees...their interesting shapes...texture of the bark...color...tenacity! And some say you see one tree, you have seen them all....I do not buy that!!! I think each and every tree has a unique personality...and you can see it in the bark!!


  1. Cool is the world, thanks for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World!

  2. a great post for the 'texture' challenge~!!
    i've been so busy that i haven't participated with OBW for a while . . .
    you've inspired me to try harder.


  3. I'm with you on trees ... I totally love them!! And they are all different ... Awesome photos! Thanks so much for sharing at Our Beautiful World!!

  4. I'm another tree lover Jay and one might find me giving the odd one a tree hug. Great bark textures you've shared with us at Our Beautiful World.

  5. I'm also a tree lover and love huge trees. The texture of the barks looks so interesting.
    Great Photos and thanks for sharing these with us at "Our Beautiful World"