Monday, June 9, 2014

Memory Monday # 61

     Monday is about over so I need to post a really quick little memory!  With the last of the Triple Three races this past weekend...the brought to mind the races we would go to at the county fair in the summer.  The races there were sulky races.
A race with sulkies
Sulkies were little two wheeled vehicles with just a seat for the jockey between the wheels.  As you can see the jockeys are really close to the horses' tail!  And there would be dirt thrown up in their faces along with what ever else the horse ran over.  The horses were beautiful....they were trotters; when racing they had to run a certain gait and if they broke the rhythm they were disqualified.  These races could be quite exciting!
     I don't even know if they still have sulky races any more. So, I just googled the subject and it looks like they are still being held, but more prevalent in other countries than the US where I live.  They are also call Harness Races and the horses can be called pacers.

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