Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Our Beautiful World-Animal

     And for the theme this week...Animal...on Our Beautiful World Blog...I have to agree with one of the bloggers who added "S"!!  I can't pick just one!!!  So here are my animals!
     My first selection is from an exotic animal preserve near us...Fossil Rim, Glenn Rose, Texas.  This link will take you to their really cool website. Here animals wander freely..with the exception of the rhino...they have their own area!
Zebra..wanting to get friendly!
White Rhino
     And some pictures of the wonderful animals that we saw on our all-day tour of Denali State Park, Alaska. These animals are in their natural habitat.
Red fox..right by the road!
Caribou mama and baby
The Raven..considered to be a Sacred Bird by some  
A grizzly bear baby...he crossed right in front of us to get with his mama and sibling
A bull moose...we also had to stop for him!


  1. Had no idea what neat animals were at Fossil Rim - we'll have to go see for ourselves. And your Alaska animal pics are much better than mine. We did not see many up close but we did get some beautiful pics of Denali.

  2. oh, what amazing photos from the wild animals, they look so impressive and I think i would be scared when I see a grizzly bears in free nature!! :-)
    Thank you for sharing these Photos with us at "Our Beautiful World"

  3. Oh what a treat i LOVE your post!!!! thanks so much for sharing it with us at Our Beautiful World!

  4. Super 'wild' animal photos, Jay. Thanks for sharing them with Our Beautiful World. Cheers and have a great week Robyn

  5. Love your photos! Wow you have some amazing animals there! Thanks so much for sharing at Our Beautiful World

  6. I haven't been to Fossil Rim. I definitely need to schedule a trip there!

  7. wonderful Jay, i feel like I've been on safari~!!
    love that bushy fox tail and that bouncing baby bear cub.
    what a wonderful world we live in~!!!~


  8. Your moose photo caught my eye over at Our Beautiful World! I live a few hours south of Denali NP and moose are one of my favorite things about living in Alaska!

    Fantastic photos from the animal preserve! I just love the giraffe, they are such neat creatures.

  9. Great pictures - the bull moose has to be my favortite, though!