Monday, June 30, 2014

Memory Monday # 63

     Another big formal dance we had in the winter was the Sweetheart Ball.  This dance was sponsored by the FHA, (the Future Homemakers of America). We also had the FTA (Future Teachers of America) and the FFA (Future Farmers of America)...but this dance was the ladies night!!  It was kind of like a Sadie Hawkins' Dance because the girls would invite the boys!  Now back in the 1950's girls weren't as forward as today, so this was an accepted big deal...a chance for the girls to let their wishes be known!!!
     I wasn't really dating anyone special at that personality was such that I had a LOT of good friends...boys and girls...but I was not really into romantic liaisons! My friends all insisted I invite someone to I got up the nerve to ask a guy who had graduated a couple of years before me...he WAS really cute so a couple of weeks before the dance, my gal pals and I drove out to his house which was out in the country.
Illinois Snowstorm-1958
      It had been snowing all week..drifts everywhere, but we were we got to his house, it was snowing and blowing like crazy!  We honked until he came gal pals shoved me out of the car...he and I stood in the blowing wind and I asked him to go with me to the Sweetheart Ball!  He probably said yes just to get out of the weather!
      Actually we had a good time and he and I dated some that summer when he was home from college!  The year I asked him to the dance, he was going to a local college and living at home.
      Looking back and knowing how I HATE to drive in bad weather, I had forgotten how as teenagers, we were just like the Mailman..."Snow nor rain nor dark of night will keep us from our destination!" (or something like that!)

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