Thursday, July 3, 2014

studioQ June meeting

     My art quilters' group met today..last Monday in June.  We often meet at the Cabbage Rose quilt shop in Fort Worth, TX.  It is a lovely shop and just the nicest people there.  It just loaded with fabulous fabric, great sales, etc.. And they have a classroom that people like us can meet in when there is no scheduled class.  We will either do a potluck or go out for lunch after we do our "Show and Tell" and talking.
     Today, eight of our ten were at the meeting..everybody had a lot to talk about and a lot to show!  We have just a couple more of our Color Chip Challenge to do and today, we did the colors given to us by Susan.
Susan's color chips-top/ my fabric-bottom
My Process
My finished block-21"x 21"-I have plans to do a border in black and some wool applique .
Beth's paper rendition of color chip challenge

Rhonda's CCC

Heather's CCC

Wendy's CCC

Kay's CCC
And we had some other wonderful works of are too....Rhonda and I are doing quilts for the Modern Quilt Challenge, using Michael Miller selected fabric. And everybody else had various items to share.
     I am kind of working on a series..using squares...this one is "A Round Peg in a 
Square Hole"!
My first attempt of the Modern Quilt challenge...did not like it at all!  So I deconstructed it and...
..put it back together. I am happier with this  (sorry for the blurry pic!) ..will do some heavy duty quilting on it!

Rhonda's Modern Quilt Challenge

Heather showing a past CCC

And another past CCC by Heather

A colorful quilt by Kay

And Bethany with the start of a quilt
You can also see the great classroom Cabbage Rose has to share with patrons....and our potluck lunch on the table behind her!
     I love these gals!!!  They have really helped get me through some rough times whether they know it or not!!!


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