Monday, July 21, 2014

Memory Monday # 65

    Senior Trip to New York City...The Big Apple!! Other than the train trip to NYC, I really don't remember where we stayed, how we got from Grand Central Station to our hotel, etc. But I do remember a few isolated incidents...for example...Times Square!  we had heard about Times Square all our young lives but we thought it should be a "SQUARE".  We knew about squares...we had a square at home with our county court house in the middle!
    So to our surprise Times Square is a commercial location!!  It is kind of amazing that through the day, we had some free time to kind of do what we wanted within reason.  So shopping was a biggy for the girls. We were amazed by the racks of clothes being wheeled down the street...and the crowds...and the noise!  Thrilling for some...not so much for others...ME!  It was exciting, but still, being the shy country chick, it was not my favorite thing!!
Times Square...1050s
     I remember buying a pair of high heels...they were three inches high! And were beautiful...were!  And I think I may have worn them once when I got back home! (I was 5'9" in high school so 3" heels were a bit extreme!)

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