Friday, May 2, 2014

Intentional Printing Java Exchange

     When Lynn Krawczyk's book, "Intentional Printing" was published, several of her fiber artist friends, sponsored a blog hop to celebrate.  All of the participates offered a prize on their blogs...a few blogs ago, I told you I had been a double winner.  My stencils which I had won, came a few days ago.
My prize from blog hop
     Virginia Spiegel, a fiber artist  sponsored an exchange to celebrate Lynn's book...Java Art Exchange....where those who signed up could make from two to twelve six inches mini quilts using techniques from Lynn's books.  Then we would send a picture of our creations to her and she would randomly send email addresses to us so we could communicate and get mailing addresses from our recipients. I finished mine late last night and got my photo mailed to Virginia.
My Java Exchange entries
So I am eagerly awaiting seeing the other entries and who I will receive my six excanges from!!!  I'll post them when they come in.

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