Saturday, January 21, 2012

Zentangle challenge #54-Purple Haze

Zentangle challenge #54-Purple Haze by arts1plus
Zentangle Challenge # 54-Purple Haze (and my haiku)
"The color Purple
Stands for creativity,
Royalty, magic!"
      The Diva is back...I somehow missed #53, but for Challenge # 54, the topic is using the color Purple. This is one of my favorite colors so I would like to share the color meaning with everyone by clicking on the link.
     I am still working on this Picture thing with Flickr so bare with me.  I haven't figured out how put more than one picture at a time on my blog but I'll keep plugging along!


  1. I do like these and they just evolve dont they?

  2. This is beautiful. The feather is amazing!