Friday, January 6, 2012

And One More Challenge!

     If you look to my sidebar, you will see a Challenge...15 Minute Challenge...button.  I think this is a good me focus and credibility to what I have accomplished in a week...I noticed that, although it says "15 minutes of sewing", those participating did much more than just sew.  I plan to use the Challenge as a means of a weekly summary...on all art work that I do...from the preparing to the finished project!

     This week I have:
  • finished and mailed my Cotton Robin (internet round robin) block
  • picked out my fabric for the Color Palette Challenge...and the block I plan to do with the fabrics chosen
  • downloaded a software program with which I can keep track of my quilts, projects, etc....a virtual record called Quilt Album.  I got the information from Vicki's website and if you order it by January 12, you can get a code from her January 4 blog for $10.00 off the cost
  • added pictures from trips to my Kindle Fire (a Christmas gift I just LOVE)
  • made a small scrap quilt from the fabric left over from my round robin
Some of these were more than one day, but all in all I did do something everyday!!!  Probably more than 15 minutes!!!

   And...I had the nicest email from Pat of 501 Quilt Blocks who has chosen me to be a recipient of a gift from her!!!  How exciting is that?  Check out her blog to see how this came to be!


  1. I hope the software works well for you! When you set it up you will see that you can export a copy of the file. I found that's the best way to back up my data. Just copy it to a thumb drive or to your backup directory if you have an online backup service.

  2. yes, that's just what i need . . . like you said focus and credibility. i need commitment or maybe i just need to be committed~!?


  3. So, you are doing 7 challenges?!? Good thing you are retired!!