Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day One

    We had a wonderful New Year's Eve with almost all our family....our McKinney daughter had plans with friends, but the other daughter, grands, inlaws, etc came out to our house for a casual dinner and fun and games.   They had all just gotten back from a cruise in the Carribean...celebrating the 50th anniversary of the in laws so we got to see their beautiful and funny pictures!!  They all had a great time....we stayed home and took care of their dog...(see Christmas blog!)

   Today..a quiet day...a day to contemplate the coming year...goals to set..accomplishments to be things to are a few goals I am going to strive for:

  • Dye fabric this spring (I have had the materials to do so for about three years!)
  • Do silk painting (again, have the needed materials...just the ol' 'roundtoit!)
  • Finish about five UFO's
  • Continue with the Round Robin Challenge
  • Keep doing the Internet BOM
  • Make the Scotties for all the Dodds'-side children
  • Make the quilt for our bed
  • Make the quilt with my mom's embroidered birds
  • Get items ready for the Senior Fall Fair

      And I am sure there are more...but that looks like a doable list...IF I get busy!!!!!

     And today, I worked on the block to send off to the Round Robin...I really like my pattern and fabric that I have chosen.  Then I measured what the final size will be and discovered it will be about three inches too big!!!  The center block to send out is to be no more than 9" and mine measures a little over 12"!!!  I still have the same fabric and another idea that I think will work tomorrow...back to the drawing board!!  And I can always use the first block for something!

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  1. Let me know when you are going to be doing some dying as I would love to come over and do it with you!!