Monday, January 9, 2012

Finally, A Little Winter....and Rain!!!!

fabs for CC Jan 12 by arts1plus
Fabric for the Color Challenge-January 2012
      I am working on a pattern by Bonnie K Browning "Color My World" for my Color Palette Challenge.  

     Today was the first meeting of the Trinity Valley Quilters' Guild board of which, as librarian, I am a officers, new budget, lots of new ideas!!  Way to start the new year!
     Tomorrow, back to sewing....I have a couple of challenges just about ready to post!!  If I can get my pictures to work on my blog, that is!!!  I still need help with that!!
      One of my fellow guild members, Donna Keating, has two months on the calendar for 2012.  All the quilts are very nice, and Donna should be complemented for having hers chosen....and TWO at that!!
     The weather finally took a wintery turn today...and with rain!!!  Much needed so I won't complain too much!



  1. gorgeous fabrics~!!~!
    have fun and i'm looking forward to what you will do with them.


  2. Those are BEAUTIFUL fabrics! I especially love the addition of the light green and light peach.