Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Feel Like a Winner!!!

A Gift from Pat West by arts1plus
Lucky me!!!

     I received this lovely little quilt about three weeks ago from a fellow blogger, Pat West. This generous lady randomly gives away her creations to those who follow her blog. And this time I was the lucky one!! She had emailed me to ask what were some of my favorites and then she sent this to me! If you link to her blog you will see what else she is up to...I was also lucky enough to receive a few of her snowflakes!!  I am sure they will be a beautiful accent to a future art quilt of mine!!
     Also in the past week, I have received the center block for me to add a border to from the Cotton Robin Challenge which I am doing.  I wish I could show the block because it is really neat, but the project is a secret to the original maker until they get their finished quilt back!
      And after a very rough week of hospital stays with my husband (who is now home and doing great!) I had a stellar day Sunday!!  My husband took the upward turn that got him dismissed........As I was leaving the hospital parking garage, the attendant at the toll booth waved me through, telling me that the guy in front of me had paid my fee (a Random Act of Kindness!).....and when I got home, I had an email from Floribunda Quilts that I am the winner of her book giveaway!!!  She is the person who is monitoring the Cotton Robin Challenge.


  1. so happy that life is feeling so much better for you (and your husband).
    aren't random acts of kindness fun. whether you are on the giving or recieving end it always feels good~!!!~


  2. Oh happy day, Jay! Glad to know things are looking up for you and that Dick is getting better. And, you deserve all the good that comes your way.

    Take care!