Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day#28: Something I am afraid of!

I am really a chicken about many things...I don't care for carnival rides, fast cars, noisy crowds, but these are all things I can choose not to be part of. The things that really scare me are those out of my control...for example: wildfires, storms, and tornadoes!

MacDonald Observatory-March, 2011 - wildfires (we were there just two weeks before, fires hadn't started yet)
A Texas Tornado (we are "in the season" right now)
Texas thunderstorm...can happen anytime, but especially now.
So I am prepared at all times, ready to go to shelter with my water, cell phone, pictures and computer.  And go on about day to day living.  I try to not let any fear paralyze me!!


  1. Excellent attitude - prepare for the worst, expect the best!

  2. I've turned my fear into a bit of a fascination -- from the pictures. Because I'm the same way. Storms, wildfires, earthquakes, etc all scare me, too. But not as much as they used to.

  3. I didn't think you were afraid of anything!!!