Saturday, April 30, 2011

Challenge Day #30: LAST DAY (who do I miss??)

Today is the last challenge...we are finishing up with a picture of someone we miss.  I, of course, miss my parents, my father-in-law, several family members and friends who have gone on...I miss many of the people I worked with and used to see on a daily basis; I miss old friends and neighbors who now live far away.  I miss my girls' and my grands not being babies any more..and are all grown up!  But I think the person I miss the most is my sister.  She passed away when she was 49...way too young!  She was two years older than I am...we had a wonderful time growing up together, having children together, and we would be doing all those things that old women do together if she was still here.  She had two grandchildren when she died; there are now nine and three great grands.  She would have been a really spectacular grandmother...and she would have loved facebook/ computer stuff, etc.  I know she is looking down on all of us with a sweet smile on her face!  Miss you, Judy!

My big sister....1956...her Senior picture!


  1. This made me cry.... Aunt Judy would have been so happy with all her grand-babies around her!! This is a great tribute to her.

    Aren't our sisters amazing and impactful on our lives!!

  2. Judy looks lovely in this photo. I can see why you miss her to this day and yes, 49 is simply too young...