Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Challenge from my Daughter

My blogger daughter is taking 30 days to blog about specific topics...mostly personal stuff and she challenged others to join her in this April being the supportive mom and competitive person that I am, here goes: (to see her list of daily topics, see her blog ABBA on my side bar list)

Day #1 (which was really yesterday)-A picture of yourself as a child
Jay-second grade-1947
Day # 2: A more current picture and 15 facts!

Jay in Albuquerque-2011
1. I am 70 years old and proud of it!
2. I just had my second cataract surgery and am wowed by the bright colors I see!
3. I have a wonderful family-two loving daughters, one granddaughter and one grandson (both are wonderful!), one very cool SIL, one pretty terrific husband and many, many nieces, nephews, etc!
4. I love anything art related.
5. I taught art for 32 years...middle school you can understand my mental state!
6. I have lived in six states: Illinois, Missouri, Nevada, Alaska, Mississippi, and Texas.
7. I graduated from the University of Missouri and have attended many other colleges/university for additional classes. 
8. I love to travel....we do long car trips...not cruises or fly anywhere!
9. I love to stay home....we have our "retirement" home with our own studio/workshop and can spend days never leaving the house!
10. I love to read...always have a couple of books going at the same time..very eclectic taste...from biographies, historical fiction to scifi..Stephen King.
11. Since retirement, I have gotten into fiber arts....and my latest "fad" is zentangles!
12. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and am managing it with diet and exercise.
13. I also like to draw with pencil although haven't done it for awhile but plan to get back to that medium.
14. I have been married to the same guy for 47 years.
15. I am pretty liberal in my  political thinking.

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