Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Challenge Day #20: Where to travel?

Today's challenge is to post a picture of somewhere I would like to travel.  We have done a LOT of traveling around the United States and Canada....we love our car trips!  We have not traveled abroad...across the big pond...and I don't know if we will.  There are many places over there I would like to see, but there are still many places right here that I want to see also.

I would like to see all the National Parks I have not yet seen; I want to revisit Washington, D.C.; there are so many things to see there, I haven't seen it all yet.  And there are several other places, too numerous to name, I would like to return to.
Canada, our neighbor to the North, has many beautiful, interesting places.  We have been West, all the way through to Alaska, and we have been East, to Prince Edward Island.  Now we need to see Central Canada.

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  1. Yes, you certainly do! The Prairies are UNBELIEVABLE!!!