Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day # 17 Challenge: What a Difference in my Life!

Today's challenge is to post about something that has happened to me recently that is life changing (or something like that).  Ten days ago I had my second cataract surgery in my left eye...I had my right eye done several years ago.  And for the first time since I started wearing glasses in the third grade, I can see at a distance without wearing any kind of corrective lens!!!  I still need some aid in reading or doing anything close up, but I am amazed that I can actually SEE far away!!!!

Wow...I just realized that my two challenges are overlapping...yesterday was the # 17 for Zentangle and this is # 17 for my "Who Am I" challenge.  But all will change as this is a daily and the Zen is weekly...what a relief!!!


  1. Happy to know the surgery went well and that you won't have to juggle multiple challenges!!

  2. Hi, Jay! You didn't leave your email, so I'm posting my response here on your blog. On my blog there's a tab to the left for "Zentangle Glossary" - clicking on it takes you to a page that clarifies all the vocabulary associated with Zentangle. In essence, a Zentangle is a non-representational pattern drawing on a 3.5" square tile. Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA), on the other hand, may be on any surface and may be completely, partially OR non-representational. Please feel free to email me (given on my profile) if you have any more questions. I'm happy to share this passion with any interested people! *G*