Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day # 7 Challenge: A Treasure

Can a tree be an "item"?

The Challenge.....a picture of my most treasured item!  Again...a difficult subject!  My first thought was, of course, my family....but that would indicate ownership...and although they are the most precious thing on earth, they are not my possession!  So after great  thought, probably my home, more specifically, our fantastic live oak tree!!   This tree, which is one of the largest I have ever seen, was the most influential factor in our choice of purchasing this land for our retirement home.  She has served as a playground, a theater, a workshop, a cool sitting area on summer evenings, a favorite place to sit and have an adult beverage; she has harbored hundreds of birds, squirrels, and I am sure other wild life I might not want to know about.  She creates beautiful scenery all year long in all kinds of weather....and serves as a wonderful foreground for many breath-taking sunsets.  Joyce Kilmer, author of the poem, Trees, certainly had it right!!

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  1. Lovely!! And, of course, I had to go out and find the poem and read it as well....thanks for broadening my horizons!!