Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day # 16 Challenge: Makes me Smile

With a "friend"!!
Today is my daughter's birthday...the daughter who is challenging me to keep up with her.  We have a lot in common...we inspire each other (oh, need to save that for another challenge!)  We do a whole lot of smiling is one of my favorite pics with her on  trip to California! Happy Birthday, Andrea!!!  Love you!

The Eyes Have It!!!!

These Eyes belong to my grandson....he is the sweetest, funniest kid!!  He has such a great sense of humor;  I always have so much fun with him..he makes me smile.  This pic was one of those "I dare ya'" things...he dared and I took it!!!  


  1. makes me smile: the bright happy spring crocus popping forth a multitude of flowers~!