Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day #6 Challenge: Trading Places

Georgia O'Keeffe
Today's challenge is to picture a person with whom I would like to trade places for a day.

I have admired Georgia O'Keeffe for so many years...she is (or was) a woman for the ages.  She was not only a fantastic artist, but also a strong woman who took charge of her own life in all ways.  Her talent and her ability to be an independent woman at a time when "women's lib" was far in the future are so very inspiring to me.  Trading places for a day, of course, would mean to trade sometime in her past....when she was actively painting and living her life in New Mexico.


  1. I am really, REALLY scared!! I have this EXACT SAME PICTURE on a blog that I have coming up that I already wrote a week or so ago and scheduled for the future....

  2. Don't be askeerd!!!! I think it is funny..and kinda sweet!!!

  3. Georgia O'Keeffe is a favorite of mine too. A picture of the gateway and patio of her home in Abiquiqui, NM is my computer wallpaper. I also have pictures of her and some of her art that we took on vacation in 2009 rotate in a slide show on my "start" page. That little woman packed a lot of talent and independence in one package.