Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Art Quilters Around the World-Monochromatic

     The theme for this month for Art Quilters Around the World is "Monochromatic".  My choice of color was shades of of my favorite colors and, as I explained on the blog AQATW I satisfied two challenges with this one!  I had missed a couple of challenges in the winter when my husband was on hospice, so as I was doing this one, the title "'Eye'-land in the Stream came to me!  Click on the link above to see more of my explanation and all of the other beautiful quilts that are out there!
Monochromatic / 'Eye' land in the Stream!

     I kind of like this technique of using stripes of fabric and am working on another quilt using this technique for my studioQ challenge...color chips.
Incomplete challenge for studioQ
    I think I may develop this into our next challenge for studioQ.  We have exhausted the Color Chip Challenge, which I really enjoyed.  Next we are going to develop an element to be used repeatedly in different configurations and color schemes to improve on our use of design.  Each person will develop their own element and do something monthly with it.

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